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There is no doubt that Shannon is the center of doc's family.

It's a love story that began back in October 1983 at a church lockin. The two met and just started talking and the seeds of

romance were planted. Problem was that she was too young to date and that doc respected her far to much to ever risk an inappropriate relationship. After a few visits to her home, a friendship grew but he went off to collage and she finished high school. Eventually, the distance separated them. Each went through two marriages

to others that would make each determined to let God put them with the right person. In April of 2012, Shannon messaged doc. After years of separation, doc was still crazy about her. From smoldering embers, through failed marriages, a miracle of God  brought the romance back to a raging fire. After a short time, doc and Shannon were married in Kemah, TX on September 29th, 2012. Now although other marriages did not work, both have gained wonderful additions

to their lives: doc has 2 children: Tiffany Evans and Timothy Canales, 2 grand children: Titus Evans and Eleanor 'Ellie Bean' Evans); Shannon has Alyssa Kindler and Dalton Kindler. These additions add debth to their lives. Tiffany once worked in the clinic as a floater while in high school and Tim worked as well. Alyssa once worked as receptionist for doc and is now married and working in Alexandria at a hearing clinic as a hearing specialist. Both feel the previous marriages were to prepare each of them to the person that God wanted each of them to be with, each other.

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