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A Physician of the Lord



When I was young, I wanted to be a physician,

I wanted to help those who hurt.
I tried my best but could not master,
All that was expected of me.

I went to college and prayed.
"Oh Lord, help me to learn!"


The dream was still out of reach.

Then I went to medical school and prayed,
"Oh Lord, lead the way!"


Now I am a liscensed physician.
I practice not my form of medicine,
but that of the Lord.
Full of compassion and understanding,
I leave the healing to Him.


For I am only an instrument,
like the procedures and medicines.
Because I would not have made the journey
if not for His grace and guidance.


Today, I thank Him for it all and pray.
"Lord continue to teach me and guide me
to be the physician
you have always wanted me to be



     -March 1997, Michael W. Perkins, MD

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